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Migratory Locust Sub Adult 100 pces

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Migratory locusts are a food of choice for most large lizards, tarantulas, some amphibians and turtles. Their size is 3 to 5 cm.


Selling size: 3 to 5 cm

For winter insect orders, consider the Chrono Relais 24 H. chrono relais

The delivery (from Chronopost's support) lasts 24 hours as for the Chronopost 13H. The advantage is that if you are not available on the day of delivery, your package will stay warm at the relay point. Another advantage: Some days of the week, Chronopost teams are less efficient (often Thursday and Friday), and postpone the delivery of 24 hours. In the case of a "missed" Friday, it postpones delivery to Monday. With the Relais Chrono, you can pick up your delivery on Saturday morning, and delays are fewer.

During the winter period, we sometimes add a heater for free in packages (it depends on our analysis and it is not contractual).

How are the deliveries?

We deliver only one day a week: Thursday morning

We order the insects every week (Monday before 11am) according to the orders of the website. We are delivered insects on Wednesday morning and we ship them immediately in Chronopost.

If your order contains insects you will be delivered systematically on Thursday morning before 13H (except special request for Friday). Thanks to the expedition Chronopost your insects spend only 24 hours in the transport which is interesting in summer and winter.

This means that if you place your order on a Monday afternoon, you will only be delivered on the Thursday of the following week.

More info here:

Winter: I just received my crickets on the back, are they dead?

Very often no. Even if they do not move at all, they are often lethargic due to the cold weather. You can open the box to drive out moisture, and leave it at room temperature, or on the terrarium. But do not put them at 30 ° C or on the radiator. The maximum temperature should be 25 ° C. In general wake up after one hour, and maximum 3 hours after the reception.

Here are some tips for maintaining your insects:

  • Avoid mildew, moisture, condensation. When you receive them, open the lid of the box for moisture.
  • If they move, put them in another container. See the Repti Tank plastic vivariums on the site, otherwise in a bucket (it does not jump a lot). They need dry.
  • Give them a box with Natural Water (on sale on the site) or a wet sponge that you have to keep clean.
  • Give them Grillon Mix (available at the site), or a mixture of cereals of your composition. To this add a little bit of moist vegetation: carrots (in slices), cabbage, potatoes (in slices)
  • By placing a (basic) lamp on top, or a hotplate underneath you will allow the middle to stay dry and therefore healthy. Ideal temperature: 23-25 ​​°.
  • Hiding places: we use cardboard boxes for eggs, but you can also crumple some newspaper. We buy quality crickets (they are not the cheapest), so that shipments are as good as possible, and you can keep them for a long time. The life span of a cricket is 2/3 months. From the moment it reproduces, its life decreases very quickly.


There is no guarantee on insects whatever the mode of transport. No carrier wants to guarantee them (Post, France Express, Sernam, Chronopost). "DELIVERY TO THE RISKS AND PERILS OF THE RECIPIENT". So we can not guarantee a "live arrival" of your insects.Savannah can not be held responsible for mortality due to late delivery, frost, cold or heat. Insects for animal consumption.


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