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Pure Cal With D3 100g pure calcium powder with Vit D3 Reptiles-Planet

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Calcium powder for reptiles and amphibians.For lizards and turtles.Distribute one to three times a week.Calcium Pure with vitamin D3.


"PURE CAL is a calcium supplement without phosphorus for reptiles and amphibians With PURE CAL you can be sure that your animals receive a source of calcium with high bioavailability, completely free of harmful impurities. Why should you regularly add calcium to reptiles? Because in captivity reptiles often have calcium deficiencies These deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis called rubber bone disease In nature, reptiles eat a lot more food than in captivity In captivity, it is almost impossible to offer them the same diet as it is complex By sprinkling calcium with food reptiles you allow them a normal growth However, know that their body will be able to synthesize calcium if you put them under UVB, or the natural sun To distribute PURE CAL to your lizards, you can put in a jar, insert crickets, and stir The crickets will then come out "blanched" For herbivores, just sprinkle the salad "


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