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REPTAWOOD - 18 liters -

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100% natural beech-shine.Garanti without dyes or chemical.Suitable as litter for snakes, lizards and turtles.A very versatile substrate washed, dried and dusted.Heavy enough, prevents the animals eat it.


"Splinters of beech is the most used substrate in terrariums It is a rather heavy substrate (unlike for example rodent chips) which limits ingestion by animals Its versatility also comes from the fact that it is washed and dusted: no breathing problem or ophthalmic as we often see with poor quality substrates Perfect for most tortoises (T Hermanni, G Pardalis or Sulcata, T Horsfieldii), wheat snakes (E Guttata), or lizards (Leopard Gecko, or Bearded Agame) "


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