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Tube Fluo T5 Tropical Sunlight 6.0 - 24W /56cm tube fluo UVA-UVB Reptiles

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Intended for lizards and turtles. More powerful than a tuve T8 (more UVB). Beautiful white light. Ultra slim design on the vivarium (Ø 16 mm).


These fluorescent tubes are intended for lizards and turtles living in tropical forests, under the canopy. The Terra Sunlight 60 Reptiles-planet fluorescent tubes emit high UVB values ​​(for example: 31 μW / cm² to 30 cm), and standard UVA (75 μW / cm² to 30 cm) They are intended for lizards and turtles living in tropical forests, under the canopy and for which the UV of the sun are filtered by the foliage of trees Destined for lizards and turtles, as for example: Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana), Water Dragon (Physignathus Concincinus), Aquatic Turtles (Pelusios, Ocadia, Rhynoclemys Pulcherima, Kinosternum, etc.), Chameleons (Chamelle Calyptratus, Furcifer Pardalis, etc.), Anole (Anolis carolinensis , Equestrian, Pug), Day Geckos (Phelsuma Madagascariensis, Laticauda M, Lineata M, Dubia M), Long-tailed Lizard (Takydromus sexlineatus), etc. You can use your Terra Sunlight Tropical 50 tube in with lights Repti-Ballast T5 and T5 light Luminaire Why invest in a Tropical T5 tube or Sunlight Desert of Reptile-planet The new tropical T5 or Desert tubes are from the latest developments in lighting This is a tube fluorescent T5 says "High Output" (in high performance) In summary: More UVB than a T8 tube, a beautiful white light and Ultra slim design on the vivarium (Ø 16 mm)


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