Mega Sun lampe reptiles UVA-UVB 10.0 - 26 W Reptiles-Planet

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Intended for lizards and turtles.Ratio 10% UVB, 30% UVA.Emit strong UVB values.Perfect for pogona and Hermann turtles.


The Megasun 100 Reptiles-planet lamps are designed for lizards and turtles living in desert or tropical dry regions (savannahs) Mega Sun 100 Reptiles-planet lamps emit average UVB values ​​(for example: 40 μW / cm² at 30 cm for lamp 26 w), and standard UVA (75 μW / cm² to 30 cm) They are intended for lizards and turtles that live in desert or tropical dry areas (savannas) In deserts and large spaces, reptiles receive the UV directly (without the canopy filter) The UVB rays contained in the Mega Sun 100 will help your reptiles to photosynthesize provitamin D3 UVAs provide a physiological well-being to animals and will limit their stress, promote food intake and reproduction UVA allows your pet to "see better" and therefore less stress Destined for lizards and turtles living in arid environments, for example: Bearded Agamas (Pog ona Vitticeps), collared lizards (Crotaphytus, Gambelia), Sceloporus, savanna lizards (Varanus Exanthematics), horned lizards (Phrynosome), Whip-tail (Uromastyx), Leiocephalus, tortoises (Geochelone Pardalis and Sulcata, Testudo Horsfieldii, Hermanii, and Graeca), etc. Available in 13 and 26 W, in two different formats


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