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Terrarium Naturarium L 75 x 45 x 120 cm Reptiles-Planet

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Sunbathe (UVB) your reptiles.Wire and cable hook to add a lamp.Plateau plastic included (for the substrate) .Nylon mesh more robust than the competition.Utilization indoor year round also possible.


"The Naturarium is a meshed vivarium available in three sizes Assembly takes only a few minutes The Naturarium is used by many breeders or wholesalers because it is a practical and versatile vivarium indoors or outdoors. In the house, your Naturarium is very suitable for housing reptiles in need of good ventilation. is the case of chameleons, and many lizards and snakes The Naturarium is also suitable for breeding stick insects and butterflies A small door has been added on the front so that you can pass an arm to feed, remove droppings or catch an animal without escaping Integrated cable management: a small window on the top and a carabiner will allow you to install a lamp holder and pass its cable, without an animal can escape You can easily diffuse UVB (UVB lamps such than Megasun, Ultrasun) in your Naturarium A plastic tray (included) will allow you to add substrate without it passing through the nylon Outside: By suspending your Naturarium under a tree during a beautiful sunny day, you will allow your reptiles to fully enjoy the UV of the sun, but also to soak up the surrounding nature. Features: For indoor or outdoor use Nylon mesh is stronger than the competition Optimal ventilation Exception-proof Plastic tray included (for substrate) Multiple openings Integrated cable entry Reinforced nylon loop for hanging your vivarium The zipper system allows you to open all or part of the Naturarium vivarium "


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